SOSertão 2017

SOSertão 2017 - The Expedition

The Race and Rally concept was launched in 1995 with the “Peugeot Race & Rally" and since then this will be it's 6th Edition we’re promoting.


The Brazilian SERTÃO, is one of the best places in the world for Cross Country Flights, holding actual WORLD XC Records for both Hang Gliding and Paragliding (HG: 603 Km - WR Declared / PG: 564 km WR Open).

This is one of the driest and poorest areas in Brazil, so with the event, we run a social program that brings FOOD, CLOTHES and TOYS for the poor families from the sertão. We have also dentists and social programs and the adventure park for the children. It's an AMAZING life time experience. The whole circuit hasFrom November 25th to December 03th.

The last 3 “Race & Rally” editions made in the Sertão, over 90% of the course was completed. All of them had over 1.000km The 2017 SOSertão Race & Rally edition, will have 6 legs, including 3 of the most famous XC Ramps of the World: Tacima, Patu and Quixadá.

The whole circuit has 1002km and the beginning and the end, are located in two Brazilian Natural Paradises: Praia da Pipa RN and Lençóis Maranhenses MA.


The video bellow, is about the SOSertão 2009, where it's possible to see all the concept of the event.



Don't miss it. SOSertão RACE & RALLY From November 25th to 03th


Roteiro do Rally SOSertão 2017
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Event Access

This is an event limited to a maximum of 20 pilots.

Pilots who wish to participate, please send an email to informing:

  • Name
  • Flight time
  • Personal distance record
  • Modality (hang gliding or paragliding)
  • Equipament model
SOSertão 2017

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